Keynote speaker, business consultant and author Robin Wheeler coined the phrase 'being yourself for a living' in 1996 as an intelligent response to changes in the world, industry and people, and as a vision for humanity. These changes have accelerated since then and are now at the zenith of their disruption and creative potential.


'Being yourself for a living' involves awakening your whole intelligence and aligning this with business strategy for the benefit of both and the big picture. It includes understanding global change; knowing yourself; mobilising potential; taking personal accountability; being entrepreneurial wherever you work; living innovation; leading through consciousness; and, thriving on a new level of efficiency and enjoyment. 


Robin brings about this shift through keynote conference talks, transformational projects called 'Fully Booked', and his acclaimed INSIGHTS series of books. His work is authentic and engaging, speaking uniquely to each audience and occasion and not rattling off anything rote. People leave enlightened and inspired with a set of practical steps to see them soundly into the most exciting time in human history.


"Renowned INSIGHTS series author and speaker."

Sunday Times