BEntrepreneurING turned twenty in 2016, and articles from that earlier era will appear in a book one day. Television, radio and article appearances are added to the media page all the time, with the latest appearing first and a few features from the first twenty years at the end. Keep coming back for more as Robin travels the world and talks to the press as he goes:

Fantastic interview with the Leaderhip Platform on CliffCentral in August 2016 covers 'handling uncertainty' and 'being yourself for a living' at this exciting time in human history. Listen to the "podcast of the year" here.

The second part of the Leadership Platform interview with Robin Wheeler took the "podcast of the year" into the realms of transformation. Listen to the exciting conversation here.

Being Yourself for a Living, BIGGER INSIGHTS and the INSIGHTS Series on breakfast show Sunrise on eTV in South Africa with Penny Lebyane on 24 January 2017

To kick off 2017, Gareth Cliff spoke to Robin Wheeler about being yourself for a living taking off around the world, and his book BIGGER INSIGHTS. Listen to the conversation here.

Shado Twala spoke to Robin on SAfm about the books  and the upcoming seminars and retreats around the world. Listen here:

Nice article in the February 2017 issue of a hometown magazine.

Robin Wheeler talks to Tom London on Radio Today on 25 May 2017 about all things 'being yourself for a living' - Radio Today 1485
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Satisfying and indepth interview with Julie Alli on Let's Talk on ITV about the joys and challenges of being yourself for a living in our changing times, plus a good look at the INSIGHTS books. Went out live around Africa and Middle East on on 3 May 2017.

The INSIGHTS Series, the new book, and being yourself for a living on Morning Live breakfast show on SABC on 22 April 2017

Radio Today interview 25 May 2017

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Robin answers Stephen Grootes on 702 on 3 July 2017.

Summary and podcast here.