Business Consulting

Would you and your organisation like to become authors in your field of expertise and take your careers and business to a new level?

Would you like to strengthen accountability, innovation, leadership and teamwork while simplifying systems?

Would you like to fortify your brand identity and stand out in the market?

Would you like turn this around within a year?

Fully Booked

Fully Booked is a management consulting process that combines internal transformation with external branding by facilitating that key contributors in the business write a book together, and then publishing and marketing the book to build the brand in a singular way.


The process brings out the best in people and expresses it in a simple yet profound way that serves as a business manifesto, talent attraction and retention tool and enduring corporate gift for staff, suppliers and customers. 

"Fully Booked will take your company to another level, to another dimension, as it has done ours. The overall impact is way beyond anything I could put into words."

Zahra Peera

Former CEO - Formula 1 South Africa

"A living demonstration of what others think is mission impossible."

Taddy Blecher


For us to help transform your business and its key people into published authors in a phenomenal turnaround time, you need to be ready, sincere and demonstrably committed to making this magic happen. So before we can undertake the project, you need to qualify as one of the few who can deliver.